Battle of Kharkov

Oberschutze Metzger and his platoon are awaiting a Soviet counter-attack, unaware that the Soviet troops are planning an ambush...

More historically known as the Second Battle of Kharkov. This battle was an Axis counter-offensive to eliminate the Soviet units in the Izium Bridgehead that took place in the month of May.

At the beginning of the battle, Semyon Timoshenko, the Russian commander began his offensive against the German Sixth Army under General Fedor von Bock. The Soviets had managed to drive the Germans back from the gates of Moscow several months earlier and had confidence about liberation the city of Kharkov. However the German Sixth Army along with the aid of the frequent counterattacks by the 1st Panzer Army as well as several airstrikes by the Luftwaffe had managed to create a strong pincer movement and successfully cutting off the Soviet troops. The battle cost the Soviets nearly 300,000 lives and half that number taken as P.O.Ws while the Germans had only around 20,000 lives.

This battle played an important role in the German defeat at Stalingrad and their downfall on the Eastern front."

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